Yes, if you want to arrange a telephone meeting instead of a Zoom or Google Meet Meeting. You can simply emphasize this in an email to me and arrange a time of your choice with your telephone number.

Yes, but the money does not go to me, but to the provider where you pay the domain and hosting. But I take care of domain and hosting.

Mostly your website is completely ready in only 1-3 weeks. But that depends on the project and your wishes.

I program your website with the Content Management System WordPress. Because I know from my experience that WordPress is best suited to program and customize the perfect website.

Almost, you can get the license to use some of my pictures on EyeEm acquire. Downloading from my website is still not allowed.

Das „(EN)“ am bei einem Beitrag bedeutet, dass dieser auch ins englische übersetzt ist.

Du kannst die Sprache im Footer bei „EN“ ins englische ändern, oder du schreibst in die oben in die Such/-Adressleiste: