What all do I need to get a website?

This question is actually quite simple. You need an idea what colors and fonts you want to have.
The best is a ready design for desktop and mobile devices from a designer in a PDF format. You can find designers for example on Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, ... . There you can have your own design created for you. If you do not feel like it I can suggest you ready design.

You also need domain and hosting. If you do not have this and want to work with me, you can always contact me and I will be happy to help you.

What programming languages do you use?

I use the programming languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also use Sass from time to time. I find it better to build a website with it, because I can personalize it best and the loading times are usually better than with are usually better than with WordPress.

On request I also build or modify WordPress websites. I then use the appropriate theme and plugins for the optimization of the website.

What are revisions?

Revisions are just revisions. For example, I deliver your product to you and you would like a change, then this is a revision once you receive your changed or revised version of the site.

You can see at the top of my homepage how many revisions each package contains.

When and how do I get my website?

On my homepage you can see at the beginning the waiting times for the different projects. These can vary according to further vary (this happens rather rarely). You will receive the complete source code for your website by mail. In addition, I help you to put everything online so that you have no more work.

What does HTML, CSS, Sass, ...?

HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, ... are programming languages with which I program your website. You don't need to know anything know, I just show with what I program for those who are interested.
The advantage of such programming languages compared to WordPress and other CMS tools is that I can individualize everything for you and perfectly adapt to your wishes. In addition, loading times are usually shorter.